Notion Solutions

Overwhelmed? Stuck? Wasting time?
Not getting to what matters most?
Do you know what matters most?

Our methodologies will organize, streamline, and focus your actions for extraordinary impact every day.

Designed by August Bradley specifically for the Notion platform (leveraging what only Notion can do), this approach solves the problems of older scattered systems designed around Evernote, OneNote, Todoist/Things, Trello, Asana,  Dropbox, Google Docs, etc...

What is Notion?

The Most Inter-Connected & Focused Productivity System

Notion has unprecedented capability, but requires thoughtful system design. The key is not just learning Notion, but designing a comprehensive personal or team process that takes advantage of Notion's capabilities.  This tool is unique, don't just shoehorn older methodologies into it.

System Design Thinking is the critical part
...and that's been August Bradley's specialty over the past 25 years.

Clear Daily Actions

Automated Action Items fill-in each day, prioritized and connected to your Values, Outcome Goals, Projects and Life Pillars.

Life Pillars into

Personal Values to Specific Goal Outcomes to Precise Action Steps – all linked and connected, nothing slips through the cracks.

Vaults as Digital
Brain Extensions

Literal Mind Expansion: Projects & Action Items linked directly to aggregated resources + dynamic, living, collaborative workspaces.

Performance Tracking & Habit Shaping

"What gets measured gets done." 

Daily data tracking & analysis of what matters most to you.

Marketing & Content Creation Workflow

Marketing material and digital content is in perpetual production. Track the elements, tie it directly to Action Items, Projects and Pillars. Nothing slips, everything ships (on time). 

Client Portal, Workspaces &
Delivery Hub

A dedicated internal hub for each customer, with a shared workspace that clients access for ongoing collaboration + notes, resources, and deliverables in one link.

SYSTEM DESIGN for Business Owners & Managers

Business and/or team implementation of the company/organization version of our Notion System.

2 to 6 week engagements depending upon scope. A "done with you" program for business owners or organization leaders.

Let's jump on a call and discuss your specific needs and how we can shape Notion to streamline your workflows, systems, and processes. 

**Program on Hold for a couple months as August focuses on course development.

On Hold Temporarily

CONSULTATIONS for Individuals

Consultations with August Bradley to review and enhance your Notion system or empower your approach to personal performance.

You'll submit info pre-meeting to maximize discussion time. August will review and evaluate approaches before the call.  Then we'll dive in and do a video call for 1 hr. 15 min.

$395 per session (this pricing is higher than usual for a few months as August shifts his focus to course development and has limited consultation availability)

Schedule a Consultation

"Notion Pro" Designation

August Bradley has been selected by Notion to be one of a small number of Notion Pros. As such he's active in internal dialogue with the company and other Notion Pros on best practices and the evolution of the platform. August has been featured on Notion's influential "Office Hours" & "Notion at Work" series. 

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Notion YouTube Series

August has been demonstrating the power of a Notion System in a popular video series. A vibrant community of Notion users is forming around this series — Join us!

Notion Productivity YouTube Series by August Bradley

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