Accelerator Program for Business Owners

The Full Solution to
Life & Business Overload

The Accelerator Program is a hybrid of executive performance coaching and business consulting with smart-technology adoption. The program is customized to your business and life’s unique circumstances.

The result is far more of your time made available for high-value thinking on strategic development and building, with less reactive firefighting and mundane busy work.

...enabling you to have a life outside the company – yes, as a business owner!

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The Accelerator Program and the Notion Solution program have now been merged into a single super solution for business owners and managers. The range of skills developed in the Accelerator Program can be accomplished more effectively on the Notion platform than any other software we have seen.

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Business Optimization & Automation

Reclaim Hours Per Day through Enhanced Personal Performance & Streamlined Business Operations

Accelerator Program
for Business Owners

1-on-1 executive coaching plus software implementation to radically enhance your personal and business operational productivity.

Get more done in less time, strategically apply reclaimed time on more hi-impact functions — or take more time away from the company for other life goals.

We curate an optimal software and SaaS suite based on your unique needs, then help with the setup and teach you how to use it most effectively

Next Level &
Team Training

After the Foundations program, many choose to go deeper in coaching and systems implementation. The second stage is more customized, building on and pushing further the foundational tools, methods, and tech systems.

Team Programs & Training:
Clients have asked us to bring the Foundations training to teams within their companies. We always start at the top with the owners, then can create elite performers across the company.

Foundations Program

Reboot and jump-start your life and business by harnessing neuroscience, artificial intelligence, business strategy, psychology & operational excellence

Tailored to your unique life & business situation

1. Goals & Baseline Metrics

Groundwork for Change

2. Personal Transformation

Personal Processes
& Performance Habits

3. Business Transformation

Business Automation
& Optimization

Foundational Pillars

Nail these pillars and make your
company an aerodynamic rocketship

We specialize in the integration of these three elements:

& Psychology

Tech Integration &
AI/Machine Learning

Business Strategy
& Operations

SYSTEM DESIGN for Business Owners & Managers

Business and/or team implementation of the company/organization version of our Notion System.

2 to 6 week engagements depending upon scope. A "done with you" program for business owners or organization leaders.

Let's jump on a call and discuss your specific needs and how we can shape Notion to streamline your workflows, systems, and processes.

**Program on Hold for a couple months as August focuses on course development.

On Hold Temporarily

CONSULTATIONS for Individuals

Consultations with August Bradley to review and enhance your Notion system or empower your approach to personal performance.

You'll submit info pre-meeting to maximize discussion time. August will review and evaluate approaches before the call.  Then we'll dive in and do a video call for 1 hr. 15 min.

$395 per session (this pricing is higher than usual for a few months as August shifts his focus to course development and has limited consultation availability)

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