August Bradley

My expertise is in performance enhancement & technological optimization for business owners

After building three successful companies and advising dozens of leading-edge tech ventures, I've refined a set of internal technologies and operational systems that consistently produce exceptionally lean and effective operations with less stress, less chaos, better profit margins, and a frictionless foundation for growth. The clients who implemented these methods are the success stories. I have condensed those systems into as tightly-defined and as quickly-implemented a program as is humanly possible — maintaining room for the unique customization and fine-tuning each individual organization needs.

But there's more to it. As the producer and host of the MIND & MACHINE Podcast and YouTube Show, I have explored the most advanced commercially viable uses of artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensor tech, robotics, spatial computing and related business technologies. I've incorporated many of these technologies into the program and have a toolbox full of customizable applications. There are so many opportunities to bring more advanced tech into smaller companies, but many business owners find the topic too daunting to approach (or too boundless to find time for). Sometimes you just need the right guide.

"Either embrace new technologies as a competitive advantage or be left behind by others in your industry who do."

However, successfully implementing modern tools into a tightly-owned small or medium-sized business involves far more than just an I.T. project or business systems overhaul. The human aspect of optimizing your habits, routines, and personal capabilities is fundamental to operating at peak performance and efficiency. In smaller firms, the lives of the owners are so tightly intertwined with their businesses that I have found the business system advances cannot fully succeed without optimally-performing leaders. The two have to grow in parallel.

My life trajectory has brought complementary arcs in both advanced technologies and in maximizing human performance, including mental and physical recovery from adversity. I overcame learning difficulties to excel in the Harvard Business School MBA program. I reversed a life-threatening health condition that left me unable to walk for months to go on and build a top percentile fitness and endurance-sports capability. I struggled with anxiety, a racing mind, and attention deficit challenges until I developed a mindfulness practice that enables laserlike focus and flow-state on demand. I've reversed excessive weight gain with well-designed nutritional protocols. I endlessly experiment with elaborate quantified-self tools and techniques, and I have learned so much from this journey. Now I share these discoveries and techniques with others who can benefit.

I have turned my knowledge in business technology plus my personal experience overcoming a health crisis into a comprehensive program to help people whose businesses have plateaued or lack the bandwidth to take on new opportunities. If that's you, let's talk. My team and I reboot lives and businesses into elite performers with soaring personal and financial results.

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